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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Killjunkies

Another band that it is hard to find much info on, also another "K" disc off of my infinite stoner shelf.......this is from 2010, and is a bit post-stoner, more retro-metal, as if all those terms harder than fuck, and that is what I usually consider........good metal-riff rocking with druggy lyrics, "Sexy Witch", "The Jesus Tool', and the rest are problem.....Tracks 01 ("Damnit Jim") and 02 ("Volume IV"), both of which I think I recall as pretty good tunes were corrupted or something, I Tunes wouldn't copy them.......but I think the rest of this is good enough to post, and if anyone has this album, could you please post these tracks?

-01 Damnit Jim (Not Available)/02 Volume IV (Not Available)/03 Sexy Witch/04 The Jesus Tool/05 Illuminati/06 Practice/07 Voodoo Pharmacology/08 Obi-Wan

Sorry for 25% of the album missing, actually I'm looking for a repair job more than anything!

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