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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The John/Jon's "next" great submission

(scott) Again, both Jon S and John send us very valuable links, for a classic reissue.......loaded with 3 discs
of extra bonus material, while not on the level of "Metal Box", 1985's "Album" is an essential release as well, and the bonus material is amazing.

I am posting the links from both parties....I have my reasons, use whichever you please, I would simply advise that you act fairly quickly. Thanks to the Jon/John's for these, they are tremendously essential and a wonderful listening experience. Please extend the proper "thank you's" to the great members of the blogging team who make all this great stuff possible. Be advised, these links are posted for a LIMITED TIME, I know why and dona't need to explain it, if you want them, you've been properly advised. Just get em they are the bomb.

disc 1:
remastered album
1. fff
2. rise
3. fishing
4. round
5. bags
6. home
7. ease

disc 2:
live at brixton academy 27.5.86 (unreleased)
1. kashmir
2. fff
3. low life
4. fishing
5. poptones
6. pretty vacant
7. banging the door
8. flowers of romance
9. bags
10. round
11. home
12. public image
13. rise
14. annalisa

disc 3:
various, mixes & outtakes etc
1. things in e (aka ease) (alternative laswell mix) (1986) (unreleased)

2. rise (7” edit)
3. rise (instrumental)
4. home (7” edit)
5. rise (bob clearmountain remix)
6. home - bbc tv, old grey whistle test 20/5/86 (audio)
7. round - bbc tv, old grey whistle test 20/5/86 (audio)

bonus tracks
1. time zone - world destruction (12”)
2. time zone - world destruction (industrial remix)

disc 4:
original 1985 album demos
1. animal (unreleased)
2. black rubber bags (aka bags) (unreleased)
3. european cars (aka round) (unreleased)
4. fairwell fairweather friend (aka fff) (unreleased)
5. pearls before swine (aka fishing) (unreleased)
6. things in e (aka ease) (instrumental) (unreleased)
7. ben hur (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
8. cats (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
9. have a nice day (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
10. untitled 3 (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
11. pearls before swine (aka fishing) (alternate mix (incomplete) (unreleased)



    1. What is this link? Either way, I'm getting a 302/File Missing error when I load the URL. Is this a part of the PIL disc?

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

  3. Album, a live show with a variety of PiL tracks, and various stuff on the first 3 are good, but the demos are the best.

  4. I still remember being in the 9th grade,on a lunch break and a friend handing over the cassette for me to borrow!!

  5. Thanks to all for more great pil.

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