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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Shakin' Street

This French punk/metal outfit obviously too their name from the classic MC5 song, but don't let that fool
ya.....I have two of their albums here which are scorchers.....I know they made a few more, anyone wanna help out?......what I have here are their first two discs and they really are gems, imo......."Vampire Rock" and the self titled follow up.......fine vocals from French vixen Fabienne Shine, slick late-80's glam-guitar rock with enough rough edges that the punk influence comes through......these are good albums, I think at least, for 80's attempts to ride the scene......they did so well, though, and while these albums never really had a "niche" to slot into, they are still quite good, and really, ya go GOTTA be cool to name yerself after an MC5 song, right?

Two fabulous albums here, in my opinion, try them on for size.....considering some of the slop that was coming out at this point in time, they were REALLY fab.....seriously, they really are good, I like em, and let's see what you think?

VAMPIRE ROCK-01 Vampire Rock/02 Where are You Babe/03 Love Song/04 Living With the Dealer/05 No Time to Lose/06 Yesterdays papers/07 Celebration 2000/08 Blues Is the Same/09 Speedy lady

SHAKIN STREET-01 No Compromise/02 Solid as A Rock/03 No Time to Lose/04 Soul Dealer/05 Susie Wong/06 Every Man, Every Woman is a Star/07 Generation X/08 So Fine/09 I Want to Box You


  1. shakin


  2. My wife is the ex of the drummer. Fabienne is a guide, providing the audio portion, on LA tour buses. We last saw Fabby at the now defunct, legendary, Cat and Fiddle bar and restaurant on Sunset in Hollywood. Fabby still looks good and is funny as hell. I won't mention her brief porno career back in the day except to say it was pretty hot. Fab has no plans to get back into music. She's doing pretty well doing her LA tours and thinks Paris is now a cesspool. My wife is the daughter of Freddie Hauser, one time war correspondent turned TV hose who brought punk rock to France back in the day. He also filmed several documentaries of the Rolling Stones, including the famous Abbatoir one. She grew up with the Stones kids, particularly Keith's so is good friends with Marlon and Dandelion....whatever her name is now. We went to Marlon's b-day party at Keith's place above Tower Records in NYC. She's pretty good friends with Anita Pallenburg as well. Small world..........

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