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Friday, January 27, 2017

Yet more Clash boots

Running in the final stretch now, as we continue to showcase Lewdd's deep Clash collection. we're up to
1982-3 by now, and still have a handful to stated many times previous, the sound quality on these will vary, as Lewdd has a ton of these stashed for archival purposes....they don't, for the most part, sound too bad though, sort through them and get what you want.......after all, it is THE ONLY BAND THAT MATTERS! By the way, this batch contains the stellar 1983 "US Festival" show, I've posted it previously, but it shows the Clash at their angriest, even this late in the game ("Aren't you tired of hearing 'It's so groovy"?.......Strummer came off as REALLY pissed on this day)
1982/6/22 SAN FRANCISCO-01 London Calling /02 Spanish Bombs /03 Career Opportunities /04 The Guns Of Brixton /05 Train In Vain /06 Bankrobber /07 Car Jamming /08 The Magnificent Seven /09 Wrong 'Em Boyo /10 Police On My Back /11 Know Your Rights /12 Safe EuropeanHome /13 Rock the Casbah /14 Brand New Cadillac /15 Should I Stay or Should I Go? /16 I Fought the Law /17 Clampdown /18 Ghetto Defendent /19 Armagideon Time /20 Somebody Got Murdered /21 English Civil War /22 Straight to Hell /23 Janie Jones /24 Clash City Rockers /25 Garageland

1982/11/27 FROM LONDON TO JAMAICA-LIVE AT JAMAICA WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL, KINGSTON-01 Intro/02 London Calling/03 Police On My Back/ 05 The Magnificent Seven/ 06 Armagideon Time/07  The Magnificent Seven (Reprise)/08 Junco Partner/09 Spanish Bombs/10 One More Time/11 Train In Vain/12 Bankrobber/13 This is Radio Clash/14 Clampdown/15 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/16 Rock The Casbah/17 Straight to Hell

1983/5/23 SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY-01 London Calling/02 Somebody Got Murdered/03 Rock
the Casbah/04 Guns of Brixton/05 Know Your Rights/06 Koka Kola/07 Hate and War/08 Armagideon Time/09 Ain't Good Enough/10 Safe European Home/11 Police on My Back/12 Brand New Cadillac/13 I Fought the Law/14 I'm So Bored With the USA/15 Train in Vain/16 The Magnificent Seven/17 Straight to Hell/18 Should I Stay or Should I Go/19 Clampdown

1983 CLASH CALLING US FESTIVAL-01 London Calling/02 This is Radio Clash/03 Somebody Got Murdered/ 04 Rock the Casbah/05 The Guns of Brixton/06 Know Your Rights/07 Koka Kola/08 Hate and War/09 Armgideon Time/10 The Sound of Sinners/11 Safe European Home/12 Police on My back/13 Brand New Cadillac/14 I Fought the Law/15 I'm So Bored With the USA/16 Train In Vain/17 The Magnificent Seven/18 Straight to Hell/19 Should I Stay or Should I Go/20 Clampdown

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