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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Son of Garage Fuzz, Volume 3

This torrent has been as popular as was the first series......we are but up to letter "C" in "Sons of.....", which
is a "big" letter, so a lot of tracks here. I have personally pruned the overlap from the FIRST "Garage Fuzz" series, so NOTHING here (unless I missed one or two) that appears on the original......thanks to everyone for making this so popular.

VOLUME 3-01 CK STRONG-Daddy/02 CALICO WALL-I'm a Living Sickness/03 CAMEL DRIVERS-You Made a Believer of Me/04 CANADIAN CLASSICS-I Don't Know/05 CANADIAN ROGUES-Ooh Poo Pa Do/06 CARETAKERS-Hidden Steps/07 CENTURYS- And I Cried/08 CHAIN REACTION-The Quiet Americans/09 CHANGIN' TYMES-Nobody/10 CHANGING TYMES-Cry/11 CHANTS R&B-Early in the Morning/12 CHANTS R&B-I'm Your Witchdoctor/13 CHANTS R&B-Neighbor Neighbor/14 CHAPS-Wait a Minute/15 CHARAYDES-I'll Cry/16 CHEROKEE-Willie & the Hand Jive/17 CHERRY SLUSH-I Cannot Stop You/18 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Take a Ride/19
CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-Blue's Theme/20 CHOSEN FEW-Asian Chrome/21 CHOSEN FEW-Is This a Dream/22 CHOSEN LOT-Time Was/23 CHRISTOPHER & THE CHAPS-It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding/24 CHRISTOPHER ROBIN-Nature Taking Its Course/25 CITY ZU-Too Much Too Soon Too Fast/26 CLE-SHAYS-Spend All My Money/27 CLOCK-WORK ORANGE-Help Me/28 COACHMEN-Land Of Olden/29 COACHMEN-Grapes of Wrath/30 COBBLESTONES-Down With It/31 COBRAS-I Wanna Be Your Love/32 COBRAS-Instant Heartache/33 CONLON & THE CRAWLERS-You're Coming on Too Strong/34 CONTINENTAL V-Wake Up Girl/35 CONTRASTS-She Didn't Care/36 COOL HEAT-The Other Side of Us/37 CORDS-Ain't That Love/38 CORPORATION-You Make Me
Feel Good/39 CORRUPTION INC-She's Gone/40 COUGARS-Aphrodite/41 COUNT FIVE-Double Decker Bus/42 COUNT FIVE-Mailman/43 CREEPERS-Look At Me/44 CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS-Your Body Not Your Soul/45 CUCUMBER-Don't Make Me Cry/
46 CURTIS KNIGHT-How Would You Feel/47 CYKLE-Do My Thing/48 CYKLE-If You Can/49 CYKLE-Walkin' Through My Mind/50 CYKLE-Walkout of My Mind


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