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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sula Bassana

Again, fabio sends a link for something intriguing, he calls Mr. Bassana the best guitarist he's ever seen
perform live, sounds like a heck of a recommendation to me......this recording is Live at Roadburn Festival, 2014......another info search

Time has come – once more: Sula Bassana walks on electronic trails again and produces an album in the attitude of electronic krautrock! 
After the trance-like album «Kosmonauts» (2010), a further album, based mostly on electronic instuments. This time, the sound is obvious more characterized by all the vintage instruments, which Sula accumulated in his Amoebenklangraum over the decades... 
All songs composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Sula Bassana / Dave Schmidt. Mastered by Eroc ( Cover painting made by Frank Lewecke ( 
On this album Sula used Synthesizers, Organs, Drummachines, Sequencer, Mellotron, Guitar, Bass, toy-Mandoline. 
LP on marbled 180 grams vinyl, lim. to 500 copies! 
Very last 3 vinyl copies here: 

 Sula Bassana - Live at the Roadburn Festival 20...

LIVE AT ROADBURN 2014- (No track list I can locate)


  1. Your description aplly to the studio album "shipwreked" this live is much more Pounding affair! More in the style of Electric Moon his other hystorical band. Enjoy people and say goodbye to stress... I Love this Music!

  2. Live At Roadburn Tracklist ;
    01 - Rainstorm .
    02 - D - Light .
    03 - Dark Days .
    04 - Alienfuzz .