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Monday, February 6, 2017

Another Fabio submission, W.Johnson/R.Daltery

(scott) of course, unfamiliar with this one as well (a GOOD THING as always), this sounds great.....I'll include a small review written by Fabio himself, I'll be listening to this one tomight, I hope it lives up to my me some competent/sloppy garage rock every time!

 I really enjoy this album... great guitar tone  the Wilko Dicked Telecaster tone of early Dr. FEELGOOD is here, great performance of Daltrey... Great blues harp passages!  Stellar production for the English Gentlemen, Elders, Legends... Maestros!  

W JOHNSON/R DALTERY-01 Going back Home/02 Ice On the Motorway/03 I Keep it to Myself/04 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window/05 Turned 21/06 Keep On Loving you/07 Some Kind of Hero/08 Sneaking Suspicion/09 Keep It Out of Sight/10 Everybody's Carrying A Gun/11 All Through the City

Excited as fuck to listen to this one, likely tomorrow.......amazed I didn't know of it, but no matter......Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltery sounds like a match made in heaven, I'll be thrilled to give this a Tuesday morning listen!

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