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Monday, February 6, 2017

"non-Zimmerman" decoder ring material

Yeah, better use the decoder rings for this John N submission, just a feeling I get from past experience,
although this band is not known (as of yet) to be a problem, but you guys should be becoming experts with the decoder rings (Still available, $249.95 AND ONLY $40 for shipping.....GOD what value)....this is a, uhhhhh, three volume "book set"......lots of stuff to read, might take you "all day and all of the night" to complete. The main guy in this "outfit", Ray, actually impregnated Chrissie Hynde, automatically transferring his status to one of my heroes.

These "books' are really comprehensive, containing each of the "individually released chapters" that were popular among "readers" (between 1964-84) is here, which is quite a fine collections, as they were really a great "chapters" "gang of guys" might take me "Til the End of the Day" to finish describing these, but my friends "lola" and "victoria" both agree with me that this is something you need to "read"......there is an ADDITIONAL, third "book" here, which has some "in person readings" of some of this troupe's better known writings as well, and as we all know they had a rep for being an explosive "in person group of entertainers".......

OK, decoder rings on stun, you know how to operate clue how long this will be here, but some libraries will really be semi-completed by the astute "reader"

The Ultimate Collection is a compilation of singles by British rock band The Kinks. It was released on Sanctuary Records in the UK on 27 May 2002, and in the US  on 23 September 2003. In August 2002 it reached no. 48 in the UK top  100 album chart, and no. 1 in the UK Indie album chart. It has been  certified platinum by the British Phonographic Industry.

The first disc contains every charting British single from 1964 to  1983 in chronological order, with the exception of the group's very  first single and the 1983 remake of their signature hit, "You Really Got Me." Of the 24 tracks, 14 were top ten hits in the UK. The second disc contains songs that either were released as b-sides  or singles that did not chart in the UK and/or charted as singles in  the North American and European markets, with the following exceptions: "Stop Your Sobbing" from the band's debut album and covered in 1979 as the debut single by The Pretenders; "Celluloid Heroes," taken from the album Everybody's in Show-Biz and released as a single three months later, failing to chart; and "Living On A Thin Line" from the album Word of Mouth.

The singles "Death of a Clown" and "Susannah's Still Alive" were credited to Dave Davies rather than The Kinks. The band plays on those records, however. Various tracks also appeared on album.

Originally released as a double-album set in 1986, just after the Kinks had their last run at chart success, Come Dancing With the Kinks (The Best of the Kinks 1977-1986)  does an excellent job of summarizing their stadium rock and AOR radio  favorites on Arista. It leaves no single or radio favorite behind, while  adding such terrific obscurities as "Long Distance" (originally only  released as a bonus track on the State of Confusion  cassette; the early '80s were a completely different world than the  late '80s), the non-LP single "Father Christmas," the wonderfully  sentimental album track "Better Things" (a close, upbeat cousin to Dylan's  "Forever Young"), and the charming "Heart of Gold." In addition to  these, there are live takes of "You Really Got Me" and "Lola" taken from  the fine One From the Road album. It winds up being a representative  selection of the Kinks' time as stadium warriors. They may have released some good albums during this period -- and Misfits and Low Budget  are close to great -- but listeners looking for the bare essentials  from this period will not be disappointed with this first-rate  collection. [Three songs -- "Catch Me Now I'm Falling" plus the title  tracks to Misfits and Sleepwalker -- were dropped from the CD reissue of Come Dancing in order to have it fit the running time of a late-'80s compact disc.]   


1."You Really Got Me"Pye 7N 156362:13
2."All Day and All of the Night"Pye 7N 157142:20
3."Tired of Waiting for You"Pye 7N 157592:30
4."Everybody's Gonna Be Happy"Pye 7N 158132:14
5."Set Me Free"Pye 7N 158542:10
6."See My Friends"Pye 7N 159192:44
7."Till the End of the Day"Pye 7N 159812:18
8."Dedicated Follower of Fashion"Pye 7N 170642:59
9."Sunny Afternoon"Pye 7N 171253:31
10."Dead End Street"Pye 7N 172223:20
11."Waterloo Sunset"Pye 7N 173213:14
12."Death of a Clown"Pye 7N 173563:01
13."Autumn Almanac"Pye 7N 174003:10
14."Susannah's Still Alive"Pye 7N 174292:21
15."Wonderboy"Pye 7N 174682:48
16."Days"Pye 7N 175732:52
17."Plastic Man"Pye 7N 177243:00
18."Victoria"Pye 7N 178653:38
19."Lola"Pye 7N 179614:05
20."Apeman"Pye 7N 450163:50
21."Supersonic Rocket Ship"RCA 22113:30
22."Better Things"ARIST 4152:59
23."Come Dancing"ARIST 5023:59
24."Don't Forget To Dance"ARIST 5244:34

Disc two[edit]

No.TitleOriginal releaseLength
1."David Watts"Reprise 0647b*2:29
2."Stop Your Sobbing"Kinks2:06
3."Dandy"Pye 7N 317b**2:08
4."Mr. Pleasant"Pye 7N 17400b3:00
5."I Gotta Move"Pye 7N 15714b2:24
6."Who'll Be the Next in Line"Pye 7N 15813b2:00
7."I Need You"Pye 7N 15854b2:24
8."Where Have All the Good Times Gone"Pye 7N 15981b2:48
9."Sittin' on My Sofa"Pye 7N 17064b3:03
10."A Well Respected Man"Reprise 0420*2:38
11."I'm Not Like Everybody Else"Pye 7N 17125b3:29
12."Love Me Till the Sun Shines"Pye 7N 17356b3:15
13."She's Got Everything"Pye 7N 17573b3:08
14."Starstruck"Pye 7N 319**2:25
15."Shangri-La"Pye 7N 178125:18
16."God's Children"Pye 7N 80013:12
17."Celluloid Heroes"Everybody's in Show-Biz6:20
18."(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman"ARIST 2403:50
19."Do It Again"ARIST 6173:58
20."Living On A Thin Line"


  1. Ultimate D1

    Ultimate D2


  2. Nice only complaint was the omission of Art Lover, which to my mind is one of Davies' great unknown triumphs.

  3. Thanks, "new" Kinks is always welcome.

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