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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ritual Howls

And yet another Fabio submission that is not known to me, 2013 "Ritual Howls"....described by Fabio
as Very GOOD Dark-Jangle-Wave, unsure exactly what that is but I'll be happy to find out.......thanks Fabio for continuing to send quality albums this way, it helps make the blog what it is!

01 The Year of Fear.m4a
02 Cemetery Guards.m4a
03 Keep Those Stones Up.m4a
04 L'Atalante.m4a
05 Rosabelle Believe.m4a
06 Anchorites.m4a
07 Hell Fuck.m4a
08 The Mark.m4a
09 Sacred Awe.m4a

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