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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Scott's Mega-Sons of Garage Fuzz, Part 6

Taking on the letter "F" today, as we continue our way through this badass torrent.....this has been
popular, and I understand why, it's great and obscure.......I'd guess that at the end of tis, if you DL both torrent, you will have some 8-10 hours of music ? I just guessed, but the point is there is a LOT here......and there is no overlap between "Garage Fuzz" and "Son Of" as I pruned it down to eliminate repeats....I tell you, get this one done and just let the whole thing play, this could, in the right circumstances, be the ultimate party soundtrack!

VOLUME 6-01 FAB FOUR-Youngblood/02 FABULOUS APOSTLES-Dark Horse Blues/03 FACTORY-Blood Pressure/04 FAMEN-hurry/05 FANATICS-For You/06 FANATICS-Woman/07 FEATHERS-Tryin To Get to You/08 FERGUSON TRACTOR-12 O'Clock High/09 FIFTH ESTATE-Night on Fire/10 FIVE BY FIVE-Fire/11 FLAT RIVER-Easy Come Easy
Go/12 FLAT RIVER-Time Will Tell/13 FLORIDA DEEP SIX-Start From here/14 FLOWER POWER-I Can Feel It/15 FOAMY BRINE-Tell Her/16 FOGCUTTERS-It's My World/17 FOGCUTTERS-That's Where I'll Be/18 FREDDY CANON-Maverick's Flat/19 FREE-FOR-ALL-Blue Monday/20 FREE FOR ALL-Show Me the Way/21 FRONTLINE-I Don't Care/22 FYREBIRDS-Can't Get No Ride



  2. Scott,
    Thank you for all the kind remarks on the Anal Cunt posts!! I totally fucking love the Garage Fuzz collections you've been sharing!! Thank you so much for all your work!!!!!!!!!