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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stargazer Lillies

Reminding me for all the world of Portland Oregon's High Violets, we have some fab noisy shoegaze from The Stargazer Lillies......this kind of noisy distorted dreamy psych has been my "thing" for a little while so you might have to indulge me for a minute, unless you dig it as well......"Part Time Punks Sessions" is the name of this, but don't be fooled, it's all spacey and trippy and brain swirling, like I like.......thanks to my man John N who sent this bad boy, a good un.


1. Sunday Is Monday At Midnight (04:14)
2. Fukitol (04:59)
3. Endless Days (04:31)
4. We Are The Dreamers (05:02)
5. How We Lost (04:16)
6. Space Jam (05:13)
7. Golden Key (04:30)
8. When With You (04:57)
9. Bathed In Blue (05:25)

The Stargazer Lilies is the creation of John Cep and Kim Field, pioneers of new wave shoegaze with their old band Soundpool. It's evolution, this time with psych rock elements added (MBV meets Pink Floyd). The strong guitars with Cep effects are accentuated by the minimalist approach of drummer Tammy Hirata, along with the bass lines and dreamy voices of Field. After their debut album "We Are The Dreamers" in 2013, their sound was described in Spin Magazine as "Slowdive's slow-moving assault, with the flickering air of the air channeled into a lush and full of guitars. Epic Psycho-Swirl ".

They have a truly panoramic and cinematic sound with crescendos that build cascading waves of sound that wrap their whole body. The music is a bit darker than the standard dream pop, but that just makes it so much more mesmerizing. His previous album "Door to the Sun" is located among the best albums of the genre of the year 2016 by means specialized.

Comparable to a Peel Sessions, the acclaimed radio program Part Time Punks is the sound of the Los Angeles underground, directed by the local icon Michael Stock, in these sessions, which include songs from their studio albums, you can appreciate the power of The Stargazer Lilies live. The ultimate album for lovers of shoegaze that will undoubtedly be a classic.



  2. taking a go today for my after-work catnap... I Tripped
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