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Monday, February 6, 2017


Lest  folks think I am a slacker, I likely oughta post some of MY stuff too I suppose......while we're on an early 70's prog rock sort-of kick, here is the fab "Open For Business", a USA release from's jazzy-psych, I like it a good bit, I THINK this may have been their only effort, as i have previously cited my lack of knowledge on kraut/prog rock.......happen to have this one laying here though, so enjoy, it's worth your while.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS-01 Today's Promises (Are tomorrow's Echos)/02 Bluesday Morning/03 He Can't Bring You/04 First Grade Reader/05 Feelin' It/06 How can I/07 Magic

the 20+ minute "Magic" is pretty cool IMO