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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Gentle Cycle

(scott) Just popped this one on today, pretty good's sort of the shoe-gaze kind of distorted
rock that I've favored of late, however, it's cleaned up a bit as though attempting to draw closer to traditional sound other words, it's fucking pscyh-rock ala 2017 at it's finest......."Follow Light" the opening track is a wonderful 2017 piece of 1960's psych......"You Line" is a bit more like the distortion heavy stuff we expect from this genre, "She Came This Way" is a snappy rocker, and this all told, is one fine album that you need to hear. Thanks to the always on top of the game John N for this kickass slab!
The Gentle Cycle is utilizing vintage gear and a bygone recording ethos to birth a swirling, grooving style of rock ‘n’ roll that’s both timeless and relevant. The band come from an abstract foundation that’s more modern & forward thinking than most musicians beholden to period-correct tones. The Gentle Cycle balances universal emotions with astral, atmospheric sonic architecture.

01. Follow Light
02. Shells and Spells
03. You Line
04. Love Is the Plan
05. Way to Decay
06. Memory Day
07. Far Beyond
08. She Came This Way
09. New Day


  1. looking forward to this one based on this sample from discogs:


  3. sorry forgot the link, dont miss this 1