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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Black Sabbath Tribute

First of all, I have not the slightest doubt that Brian could have done this up WAY better than what we have here, just saying, and giving a shout out to Brian's skills at this type of thing..... in general, I hate slavish tributes/slavish cover projects,  I thought that we may have that on this Black Sabbath tribute, but, really, there are some legit interpretations of some of the Sab's great tunes here!

OK, this here is a two disc set, obviously plenty of modern metal owe a debt to Black what have we here? Well, Disc 1 Biohazard leads off with a good "After Forever", Megadeth rip up "Paranoid", 1,000 Homo DJ's infamous version of "Supernaut" is here (it's fab), Sepulturea turns in a fine "Symptom of the Universe", and Faith No More turn in a good live "War Pigs"..... just the highlights, but I thought it was MUCH better than I had expected.

The second disc has a few gems also..... Godsmack comes through with "Sweet Leaf", Slayer turns in a "Hand of Doom", Monster Magnet CRUSHING "Into the Void", other stuff too (Bustah Rhymes? oh well)....

I think there have been a few other Sabbath tributes over the yearas, I may (or may not) have posted some here...... I think this one is the best, so dig in!

NATIVITY IN BLACK DISC 1-01 BIOHAZARD-After Forever/ 02 WHITE ZOMBIE-Children of the Grave/ 03 MEGADETH-Paranoid/ 04 1000 HOMO DJ's-Supernaut/ 05 OZZY OSBOURNE W/THERAPY-Iron Man/ 06 CORROSION OF CONFORMITY-Lord of This World/ 07 SEPULTURA-Symptom of the Universe/ 08 BULLRING BRUMMIES-The Wizard/ 09 BRUCE DICKINSON WITH GODSPEED-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/ 10 UGLY KID JOE-NIB/ 11 FAITH NO MORE-War Pigs (Live)/ 12 TYPE O NEGATIVE-Black Sabbath/ 13 CATHEDRAL-Solitude

NATIVITY IN BLACK DISC 2-01 GODSMACK-Sweet Leaf/ 02 MACHINE HEAD-Hole In the Sky/ 03 STATIC X-Behind the Wall of Sleep/ 04 MEGADETH-Never Say Die/ 05 SYSTEM OF A DOWN-Snowblind/ 06 PANTERA-Hand of Doom/ 07 PRIMUS W/OZZY-NIB/ 08  SLAYER-Hnd of Doom/ 09 SOULFLY-Under the Sun/10 HED (PE)-Sabbra Cadabara/11 MONSTER MAGNET-Into the Void/ 12 BUSTAH RHYMES- Iron Man (This Means War)


  1. D1


  2. I had disc one only which caused me to doubt myself more than usual, I checked it and it was a single disc release I had. So thanks for disc 2 and it's great to see some real Metal on here.