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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Black Explosion

Ready for some great Swedish stoner-psych? The Black Explosion comes to the rescue, kind of reminds me some (if I had to think of a comparison) perhaps with Wo-Fat, whom you know I love..... so, anyway, they released "Servitors of the Outer Gods" in 2012, a collection of ten short (relatively, for the genre) hard rocking tunes, all of which are pretty damn good, "Sun Eater" and "Wake Up" are highlights, maybe, but it's all pretty good.

The follow up was "Elements of Doom", a which is a bit more psychedelic with stuff like "Mothership" and a 14-minute "We Will Fall".......I prefer this album, but don't overlook either, stoner rock fans, these are good.....

Now, here's a secret. Don't tell anyone, scheduled for June 24 release is "Atomic Zod War"......I understand it's even a bit more on the psych side, especially the freaky leadoff track "Paralyzed".....if you look around, say, in the comments section, you may find a link to it, with all new releases, if there are any objections it will be happily removed.

SERVITORS OF THE OUTER GODS-01 Two Hours Later/02 Out of Control/03 Wake Up/04 Sun
Eater/05 Hold On Me/06 It's Alright Now/07 Show Me/08 Black Fever/09 Liquid Gold/10 Whumps!

ELEMENTS OF DOOM-01 Golden Future/02 Elements of Doom/03 Blow It Away/04 Freekin' Free/05 D-471/06 Mothership/07 Sick of This Cave/08 The Void/09 We Will Fall

ATOMIC ZOD WAR-01 Paralyzed/02 Ain't Comin' Home/03 The World Is Dead/04 Location 9/05 Goin' Down/06 Get My Mind Together/07 Devil Inside

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