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Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Doors Part 13 (Of Many)

I'm going to to get through this Doors thing, eventually, if it kills me...... tonight (hey, I have nothing BETTER to do, putting out a call to ALL loose women in the 35-55 age range in the southern Ohio area, I know there have to be a few of ya out there) we have a 1970 "Live in Boston" 3-disc set...... OK, haven't even listened to this one yet, have to be honest, but I'm trying to put as much stuff out there as possible while my personal life goes to fucking shit..... anyway, as I peruse the track list of the three discs, I notice:

Disc 1, pretty standard Doors set...... Disc 2, (remember, I have not listened to this yet), has some stuff I am not familiar with, "I Believe  in Democracy" (it's only a few seconds long), "The Spy", "Astrology Rap" (also only a few seconds).

Disc 3 sounds the most intriguing, as "Light My Fire" is turned into a lengthy medley (see tracklist), which was kind of out of character for the boys, that's likely the only one I'm gonna listen to (kinda sick of The Doors and there is a LOT to go yet)....anyway, here we go with another installment...... Doors fans, rejoice! Doors haters, there is plenty of other stuff here, rock on!

DISC 1-01 Start/ 02 Alright Alright/ 03 Roadhouse Moan/ 04 Roadhouse Blues/ 05 Ship of Fools/ 06 Alabama Song/ 07 Back Door Man/ 08 Five to One/ 09 When the Music's Over/ 10 Rock Me/ 11 Mystery Train/ 12 Away In India/ 13 Crossroads/ 14 Prelude to Wake Up/ 15 Wake Up/ 16 Light My Fire

DISC 2-01 Start/ 02 Break on Through/ 03 I Believe In Democracy/ 04 When the Music's Over/ 05 Roadhouse Blues/ 06 The Spy/ 07 Alabama Song/ 08 Backdoor Man/ 09 Five to One/ 10 Astrology Rap/ 11 Build Me a Woman/ 12 You Make Me Real/ 13 Wait a Minute!/ 14 Mystery Train/ 15 Away In India/ 16 Crossroads

DISC 3-01 Band Intros/ 02 Adolf Hitler/ 03 Light My Fire/ 04 Fever (Light My Fire continued)/ 05 Summertime (Light My Fire continued)/ 06 St. James Infirmary Blues (Light My Fire continued)/ 07 Graveyard Poem (Light My Fire continued)/ 08 Light My Fire (reprise)/ 09 More More More/ 10 Ladies and Gentlemen/ 11 We Can't Instigate/ 12 They Want More/ 13 Been Down So Long/ 14 Power Turned Off


  1. D1



  2. The CD 2 is repeated ...thanks

    1. I'll fix it tomorrow.....thanks for telling me.


    DISC 2

    DISC 3

    1. Use these, not the ones above, thanks!