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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Locust on the Saddle

I don't want to become TOO submission-dependent, so I try to put a few of my own discs up eah day as about, from Hungary, 2008, Locust on the Saddle's only effort (at least that I know of) "The Alpha Mantis" ......pretty solid doom/stoner/sludge, if you like the stuff we generally post in these genres, this one will probably be one you'll enjoy as well.... nothing spectacular, but a good (3.5 star) album, at least for stoner rock fans........ kind of rare (I think), so check it out!

THE ALPHA MANTIS-01 Tiro Incognito/02 Field of Ration/03 Burnout/04 Get Back/05 Casual Tease/06 Stereotypia/07 Waste of Time/08 Holy Banishment-Bank Holiday/09 Breaking the Unwritten/10 Never Enough

Would I steer you wrong on stoner/doom/psych? of course not!

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