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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Melvins "Basses Loaded"

A clever concept here from an always fine band.......The Melvins are Seattle legends, we all know that, they have been featured here before.....this project is interesting. On their latest release, the  band utilizes various bass players, most notably Steven McDonald of Red Kross and Krist Novosoelic )of Nirvana of course) be honest haven't listened to it yet, likely will tonight or tomorrow, but I love the Melvins (one very inventive, imaginative band), and I think the concept is a good one.....if this sucks (experiments sometimes do), well, sorry, but at least again we strive for variety!

BASSES LOADED-01 The Decay of Lying/02 Choco Plumbing/03 Beer Hippie/04 I Want to Tell You/05 Captain Come Down/06 Hideous Woman/07 Shaving Cream/08 Planet Destructo/09 War Pussy/10 Maybe I Am Amused/11 Phyllis Dillard/12 Take Me Out to the Ball Game


  1. I will be seeing the Melvins in a few months. They are touring with my favorite bass player, Steven McDonald from Redd Kross and OFF!


    (sorry, forgot the link!)

  3. Looking forward to hearing this!