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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Another NEW release

(scott) John N sends me new releases often, which is great, other than the fact that if we are going to get complaints, that is where they will originate......I personally will never understand the sentiment, we are trying to HELP these bands get exposure, NOT hinder them at always, if there is an issue here, I will remove the post, not that I think it's a great idea for anyone involved, but just to make people happy.

This submission is from psychedelic rockers Psychic Ills, thier fifth full length.....first one I have listened to, and I found it quite enjoyable, actually, and i WANT to expose it to as many people as possible. So, there you'll be here until it's not here anymore, is all I can say. But, for now, Please don't miss out, this is a good one, likely a Top-20 year end list album.

INNER JOURNEY OUT- 01 Back To You/ 02 Another Change/ 03 I Don't Mind/ 04 Mixed Up Mind/ 05 All Alone/ 06 New Mantra/ 07 Coca Cola Blues/ 08 Baby/ 09 Music In My Head/ 10 No Worry/ 11 Hazel Green/ 12 Confusion (I'm Alright)/ 13 Ra Wah Wah/ 14 Fade Me Out

You never know about these new releases, so if this sounds of interest to ya, I'd work fast, just in case you know?



  2. Hi scott, since you know music what do you think of this. ? any good?

  3. I'll check back later, just need a review one of my bands im in

  4. Hey, Scott don't know if you,ve figured it out or not but will be pleased to hear that Hope Sandoval is a guest vocal on I Don't Mind track!!

    1. Yeah she told me when we were in bed last night

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