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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Live at the Vortex, Volume One

YEAH! Haven't heard this one in years, I think somebody made off with it a long time ago.....TOTALLY obscure UK punk ca. 1977-78, from a buncha great bands we've all never heard of......The Wasps, Art Attacks, Maniacs.......thanks to John N for this one, you GOTTA love ya some obscure Brit-punk from the REAL scene!

LIVE AT THE VORTEX VOLUME 1-01 THE WASPS-Can't Wait Til '78/02 MEAN STREET-Bunch of Stiffs/03 NEO-Small Lives/04 THE WASPS-Waiting For My Man/05 BERNIE TORME-Living For Kicks/06 ART ATTACKS-Animal Bondage/07 BERNIE TORME-Street  Fighter/08 ART ATTACKS-Frankenstein's Heart/09 NEO-Tell Me the Truth/10 SUSPECTS-nothing to Declare/11 MANIACS-You Don't Break My Heart/12 MANIACS-I Ain't Gonna Be History



  2. Thanks alot for this stuff.