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Monday, June 6, 2016

An Anonymous Track Contributed

Here's the email I recieved on this one in it's entirety....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another NEW release": 

Hi scott, since you knowMUSIC what do you think of this. ? any good? 

Well. I wish the contributor would have included the band name......or the song name......or where they got the idea that I "know music".......BUT this track is pretty fair (badly recorded, but the music/vocals sure rock)'s about 20 minutes long, lots of time/tempo shifts and plenty of loud guitar. In another email, "Anonymous" stated that this waw from one of the bands he plays in just wanted to see what I/we think, I'd invite everyone to check it out and encourage them, it really would be pretty good if the sound were cleaned up a bit.

Love contributions like this, too, but you'd be ahead should you post the band name or song title. Anyway, pretty good, let's see what others think!


Late edit, this is from Steve, the drummer for the band Freedom's End. They are a garage band from somewhere whom have never played on stage.He says he has more stuff to send, if I want. Many blogs would not welcome them, but THIS ONE does, I wish every fucking garage band in the country would send me tapes.......THAT'S real rock n roll, 
I'll listen to some drunked up twenty year olds over some crap like Hoobastank or some shit anytime!


  1. my name is steve, Im the drummer band is FREEDOMS END. yeah it was recorded on a mere tape recorder a shit one. at that. thanks. I thought it was good but wanted a opinion. dude all these great posts man, you know music better than anyone in my opinion thanks

  2. I have a two man band two me on drums and vocals, and other recordings. I can send you them too if you like.? were a garage band , never played live at all

  3. all takes were made up on the spot no rehearsels 1 take only, I never played any of these songs but only 1 time each