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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Talking Heads Part 6

Five more discs woth of Talking Heads shows, these are from 1982-3, the significance of which is
that after "Remain In Light", the Heads expanded their onstage concert lineup significantly to work in the African textures and rhythms that Byrne/Eno and the rest of the Heads were working with at that time.

I havae from 9/3/82 the infamous "Us Festival", wonder if you remember but it was absolutely savaged, and I mean brutalized (the festival, not the Heads portion) in Creem Magazine.....Van Halen came off as the biggest assholes (hard to imagine THAT huh?), but I remember a story about the festival confiscating all food, INCLUDING BABY FOOD, at the gate, a practice that magically ceased when it was reported on thee evening news....for a show that featured The Clash, Bowie, U2, The Heads, and a BUNCH more great acts, it sounded like about as much fun as a root canal festival.

Anyway, I do have a few sets from that show, The Clash's, in particular, is smoking, and the Heads is as well......they venture a bit from their normal setlist, including "Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)" "Slink", and "My Big Hands", as well as plenty of "Remain in Light material ("Houses In Motion" scorches in particular).

Two more shows for today, both are double disc sets.....from 8/3/82 comes a great show from the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in New York. The first disc, while great, does share something of a similar setlist to the US show, (although "Panic" is a fairly "new" adition) , disc two leads off with a blistering "I Zimbra" and never lets up. Very good show.

Finally for today, another double disc set, "South Yarouth MA, 8/20/83".....they change up the set quite a bit for this one, disc one including "Making Flippy Floppy" and "Slippery People", while disc two includes a good version of "Girlfriend is Better" which incorporates a version of "Take Me To the River" into it, 15 minutes or some, and closes with a brain bashing "Burning Down the House"

Still got a few more of these sets to present to ya, look for them later in the week....VERY few bands were as great as the Heads, and when it came to taking the stage.....well, witness these sets!

US FESTIVAL-01 Sit Down!/02 Psycho Killer/03 Love Goes To a Building On Fire/04 Cities/05 Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)/06 Once In a Lifetime/07 Mind/08 My Big Hands (Fall Through the Cracks)/09 Slink/10 Big Buisness (intro) I Zimbra/11 Swamp/12 Houses In Motion/13 What a Day That Was/14 life During Wartime/15 (fade into) Take Me to the River

SARATOGA DISC 1-01 Psycho Killer/02 Love Goes to a Building On Fire/03 Cities/04 Big Blue
Plymouth/05 Once In a Lifetime/06 Change Your Mind/07 Fall Through the Cracks/08 Panic/09 Big Business

SARATOGA DISC 2-01 I Zimbra/02 Houses In Motion/03 What a Day That Was/04 Life During Wartime/05 Take Me To the River/06 Still Waiting

SOUTH YARMOUTH MA DISC 1-01 Heaven/02 Thank You For Sending me an Angel/03 Love Goes to a Building On Fire/04 The Book I Read/05 Slippery People/06  Cities/07 Big Blue Plymouth/08 Burning Down the House/09 Life During Wartime/10 Making Flippy Floppy/11 Swamp

SOUTH YARMOUTH MA DISC 2-01 What A Day That Was/02 This Must Be The Place/03 Once In a Lifetime/04 Big Business/05 Houses In Motion/06 Girlfriend Is Better (Inc. Take Me To the River)/07 Crosseyed and Painless/08 Burning Down the House


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  2. Thanks for all the Heads and for The Cars. I'm really digging it all.

    It would seem that Disc two of the Saratoga set is the same as Disc one. Could I possibly persuade you to re-upload Disc two?

    thanks again.