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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Ok, this band has been kicking around for a while, their attempted efforts on record have been so-so, but they have a rep as a fine live act, an one that CAN bring the noise given the right circumstances. I have not really ever heard this disc "Metallic IOU", I don't think, but I DID listen to it today and (I was surprised) I enjoyed it a good bit......hard rocking stuff, influenced by, say, the Dolls, Stones, Stooges....and since when did the planet not need more of THAT? This issue is from 2000, actually quite good, worth your while. Thanks to John N for this submission.

METALLIC IOU-01 Downtown/02 Bliss/03 Broke, Drunk, and Stoned/04 Bent/05 Shoot/06 Loners, Junkies, and Liquor Stores/07 I Luv U/08 Is That All There Is/09 Russian Roulette/10 Blue Light

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