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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

MORE Waxahatchee

(Scott) Never dreamed that when I saw Waxahatchee open for Sleater Kinney last year, that they would come to dominate the blog for the better part of a week, but, thanks again to Jon S, this is I think the third post on regarding them this week, and, really, I know I at least am much more well informed of them than I was a few days ago.

Couple of cool live sets here from, which is a site I recommend if you are looking for concert recordings by some lesser-known bands.

Saw the Waxahatchee posts and remembered a couple of live sets from last year.

Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn 4/9/15 (recorded by

01 Breathless/02 Under A Rock/03 Misery Over Dispute/04 Lips and Limbs/05 Waiting/06 Less Than/07 The Dirt/08 Lively/09 Poison/10 Brother Bryan/11 Blue/12 Grey Hair/13 Air/14 Coast To Coast/15 La Loose/16 Peace and Quiet/17 Bonfire/18 [encore break]/19 Grass Stain/20 Summer of Love/21 Noccalula

Pitchfork Music Festival, Chicago 7/19/15

01 Under a Rock/02 Misery Over Dispute/03 Waiting/04 Lively/05 Brother Bryan/06 The Dirt/07 </08 Poison/09 Lips and Limbs/10 Grey Hair11 Air/12 Coast to Coast/13 La Loose/14 Peace And Quiet/15 Bonfire

And, in case anyone wants or needs to fill in a blank:

American Weekend

01 catfish/02 grass stain/03 rose, 1956/04 american weekend/05 michel/06 be good/07 luminary blake/08 magic city wholesale/09 bathtub/10 i think i love you/11 noccalula

Cerulean Salt

01 Hollow Bedroom/02 Dixie Cups and Jars/03 Lips and Limbs/04 Blue Pt. II/05 Brother Bryan/06 Coast to Coast/07 Tangled Envisioning/08 Misery Over Dispute/09 Lively/10 Waiting/11 Swan Dive/12 Peace and Quiet/13 You're Damaged

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