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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Love Sculpture (early Dave Edmunds) redux

And another one I had forgotten about......I posted the first Love Sculpture album a few weeks back, and
John N sent me some additional stuff, which I forgot about until this second. What we have here is a remaster of the first LP (the one I already posted, with bonus tracks), as well as the second release, "Forms and Feelings", a somewhat similar release, quite good though for lovers of rocking-blues..... thanks again to John N, honest to God, this blog has taken on a different form since all the guest contributors began with their wonderful submissions.... I love you all, trust me, with the state my personal life is in, this is something I NEED.

BLUES HELPING- 01 The Stumble/ 02 Three O'Clock Blues/ 03 I Believe To My Soul/ 04 So Unkind/ 05 Summertime/ 06 On the Road Again/ 07 Don't Answer the Door/ 08 Wang Dang Doodle/ 09 Come Back Baby/ 10 Shake Your Hips/ 11 Blues Helping/ 12 Morning Dew (Take Me For a Walk)/ 13 It's a Wonder/ 14 River To Another Day/ 15 Another Woman

FORMS AND FEELINGS- 01 In the Land of the Few/ 02 Seagull/ 03 Nobody's Talking/ 04 Why (How Now)/ 05 Farandole (from L'Arlesienne)/ 06 You Can't Catch Me/ 07 People People/ 08 Mars/ 09 Sabre Dance/ 10 Think of Love/ 11 Seagull (mono single version)/ 12 Farandole (from L'Arlesienne) (mono single version)/ 13 In the Land of the Few (mono single version)/ 14 People People (mono single version)/ 15 Sabre Dance (single version)

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