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Friday, June 10, 2016

Horrible Snack

(scott) Well, I asked for em......I got an email from a band from Italy with the strange moniker of
"Horrible Snack"......I'll let you see the email....
Hi,please promote our musicTHANKS 
Horrible Snack-Rancid AmoebaDOG (2016) 
alternativeART punk noise punk rock garage rock math rock post punk power pop 
Edo Omezzolli: voice,guitar
Gioele Maiorca: voice,bass
Seba Omezzolli: voice,drums
First album release date 04-06-2016:
Horrible Snack-Rancid AmoebaDOG (2016) 


OK, couple of things here...normally I wouldn't post this. I want to expose new bands, but I want them to provide a free download link......the exposure will follow, as will the sales, but this is a SHARING site, not a selling site. I did listen to it, it's pretty good, but I would ask the band as a favor to provide a zippyshare or other link so that my readers can at LEAST get a sample....that is what we are doing here. Exposure is everything, and we DO provide that....PLEASE at least a few songs as a taste for the readers.

01 What's Above the Coluds/02 A Lighthouse Near the Olive Trees/03 Boudaries/04 I Follow the Light/05 So Crazy/06 Bad Short Song #1/07 Radio Voking/08 Empty Wallet

OK, guys help us out.......SHARE your music, and it will benefit you MUCH more than it does us! Be well!

1 comment:

  1. hi , the album is in free download on bandcamp , anyway
    here's the links of all the tracks of the album on zippyshare:

    Horrible Snack - Rancid Amoeba Dog! - 01 What's Above The Clouds.mp3
    Horrible Snack - Rancid Amoeba Dog! - 02 A Lighthouse Near The Olive Trees.mp3
    Horrible Snack - Rancid Amoeba Dog! - 03 Boundaries.mp3
    Horrible Snack - Rancid Amoeba Dog! - 04 I Follow The Light.mp3
    Horrible Snack - Rancid Amoeba Dog! - 05 So Crazy.mp3
    Horrible Snack - Rancid Amoeba Dog! - 06 Bad Short Song #1.mp3
    Horrible Snack - Rancid Amoeba Dog! - 07 Radio Vicking.mp3