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Saturday, June 4, 2016

For Studboy, forgot I had this, live Sungrazer

Forgot all about having this one, senility is coming on quickly, but if you've not heard this, Studboy, you're
gonna freak..... a Sungrazer set from 6/10/11 (my son Grant's 14th birthday!).... it's called "Duna Jam, Somewhere in Sardinia", it's pretty damn good (as are their studio efforts) with the same combination of riffing stoner rock/hypnotic psych...... I really hope you see this after the cool Sungrazer studio stuff you sent me the other day. Great band!

DUNA JAM SOMEWHERE IN SARDINIA-01 If/ 02 Somo/ 03 Octo/ 04 Mirador/ 05 Zero Zero/ 06 Common Believer/ 07 Behind

Sorry I forgot about this one, I would have given it a proper placement with the rest of their stuff, this is a great band...... hope everyone checked out the post the other day, as well as checking out this rarity!

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