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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hop Along

(Scott)- and yet another band that comes recommended to me/us by Jon S......Hop Along is another
one with which I am unfamiliar, but I do respect Jon's tastes in general, and it's pretty exciting that he calls their release from last year one of the best albums of the year.....sounds intriguing, it's a damn good thing I get to listen to music my entire eight hour shift each night or I wouldn't catch up with a third of this stuff. Thanks a million Jon S.

Hop Along is a Philadelphia band, like Waxahatchee. Painted Shut was one of my favorite albums last year, and this band is on the short list of those I most look forward to their next release. Like Car Seat Headrest, this started as a solo project, not becoming a band until a few years after. I'm just sending the band stuff but if anyone wants the earlier stuff, just say (really, for completists only).

Painted Shut (2015)

01 The Knock/02 Buddy in the Parade/03 Horseshoe Crabs/04 Waitress/05 Happy To See Me/06 Texas Funeral/07 Powerful Man/08 I Saw My Twin/09 Well-dressed/10 Sister Cities

Get Disowned (2012)
01 Some Grace/02 Tibetan Pop Stars/03 Diamond Mine/04 No Good Al Joad/05 Kids On The Boardwalk/06 Laments/07 Trouble Found Me/08 Sally II/09 Young andHAPPY!/10 Get Disowned

Wretches (2009)

01 Bride and Groom/02 Sally/03 Second Voice/04 For the Bonzai Tree You Bought 4 Me

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