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Monday, June 20, 2016

Daily Noise Club

I have a couple of hard rocking albums from Daily Noise Club here, just plain hard rock n roll on these ones thank you...... apparently they are from Bulgaria (?), ok, and they consist of Toshe on guitar/vocals, Juli on bass, Petko on lead vocals, and Gogo on drums...... the vocals are a bit straining, but the albums do both rock hard........

The first album is "Dirty Dress" from has some fine hard rockers, such as "Electric", "Crush Down" and more, and a song called "Superunreal" which is such a direct steal from Soundgarden that they should collect royalties.

I also have, from 2008, "Next Level". a bit more developed and, again, some good hard rocking tunes...... again, somewhat annoying vocals, but, a lot of good riff-rockers here, (Title track, "Dildo", "Dead Gent").... it's not like these are going to be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame or anything, BUT if you are a lover of hard rock, as I am (reason I started the blog), here's another direction to explore.

DIRTY DRESS-01 Electric/ 02 On the Loose/ 03 What Am I/ 04 One More/ 05 My Words/ 06 What Does It/ 07 Dirty Dress/ 08 Tell Me/ 09 Do My Ride/ 10 Wrong Again/ 11 Crush Down/ 12 In Another Time/ 13 Superunreal

NEXT LEVEL-01 Next Level/ 02 Do U Wanna Know/ 03 Above/ 04 I See (What You See)/ 05 Dead Gent/ 06 Shells/ 07 Dildo/ 08 Positive Relief/ 09 Save Me/ 10 Nailed to the Wall/ 11 This Time Again/ 12 Gotta Get Away

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