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Friday, June 17, 2016

Viet Cong

Ok, this is from John N, was not familiar, listened to it and it is really good, AND comes with a fairly interesting story.

This Canadian indie band named themselves Viet Cong.......lots of little whiners took offense to that, reminds me of when the Dead Kennedys concert tix used to refer to them as the "DK's"......ok, fine eventually the band changed their moniker to Proccupations" .....well, whatever, anyone, IMO, who insisted that they change their name has been PLAYED, you gave them more attention than they EVER could have hoped for.

Anyway, the music? Actually, it is DAMN GOOD and I don't want you to miss it.....we have here vocalist-bassist Matt Flegel, drummer Mike Wallace, and guitarists Scott Munro and Daniel Christianson.....forgetting the silly name controversy, this is some damn good latter day post-punk/alt, PLEASE give it a listen. This band (who I think was intelligent to draw attention to themselves with the whole name thing) was/are good enough to stand without the controversy.

REALLY worth a listen and quite recommended by moi.......

CASSETTE-01 Throw Away/02 Unconcious Melody/03 Oxygen Feed/04 Static Wall/05 Structureless Design/06 Dark Entries/07 Select Your Drone

ALBUM-01 Newspaper Spoons/02 Pointless Experience/03 March of Progress/04 Bunker Buster/05 Continental Shelf/06 Silhouettes/07 Death




  2. Just to chip in a little extra, here is a Viet Cong set from last year recorded by the great site

    Union Pool, Brooklyn 1/28/15

    01 Silhouettes/02 Bunker Buster/03 March of Progress/04 Oxygen Feed/05 Unconscious Melody/06 Pointless Experience/07 Continental Shelf/08 Death

  3. These guys are really good. The college radio stations where I live had "Continental Shelf" in heavy rotation last year. Nice to find some other stuff from them!

  4. Agreed, Scott; great band. Thanks for the post.

  5. you gotta love that Bauhaus cover near the end of the cassette -- they ROCK it! terrific cover version.

  6. i've been looking for the cassette EP for ages, thank you