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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jon S with Parquet Courts

(scott)- was unfamiliar, watched some of their UTube videos last night, pretty impressive, it'll be on
my Ipod tonight for further listening....until then, thanks as always Jon S

If you don't know Parquet Courts, they are a band from New York cCity and they sound like New York City band. You can hear the NYC DNA in their music and singing. If you like that kind of thing, here you go.

American Specialties

01 Her Boyfriend's Band/02 Food Stamp Office/03 Mezzanine/04 American Specialties/05 Other Desert Cities/06 Squares States/07 College Chess Circuit/08 Nation Of Islam_ Nunavut/09 Largish_Dominant/10 A.M. Reprise (Rebellious Outtake)/11 Tidal Hiss

Light Up Gold 

01 Master of My Craft/02 Borrowed Time/03 Donuts Only/04 Yr No Stoner/05 Yonder is Closer to the Heart/06 Careers in Combat/07 Light Up Gold I/08 Light Up Gold II/09 N Dakota/10 Stoned and Starving/11 No Ideas/12 Caster of Worthless Spells/13 Disney P.T./14 Tears O Plenty/15 Picture of Health

285 Kent, Brooklyn, NY 11/16/12 (from

01 Tears O Plenty/02 Master Of My Craft/03 Borrowed Time/04 [banter]/05 Donuts Only/06 Yonder is Closer to the Heart/07 Mezzanine/08 Light Up Gold II/09 Yr No Stoner/10 N Dakota/11 Stoned and Starving

Tally All The Things That You Broke (EP) (as Parkay Quarts)

01 You've Got Me Wonderin' Now/02 Descend (The Way)/03 The More It Works/04 Fall On Yr Face/05 He's Seeing Paths/06 Smart Aleck Kid/07 Free Ice/08 Pilgrims To Nowhere/09 Tic In My Brain/10 This is Happening Now

Bowery Ballroom 3/7/13 (from

01 Racing Through the Dark/02 Stoned and Starving/03 Donuts Only/04 Yr No Stoner/05 [banter1]/06 Careers In Combat/07 N Dakota/08 Yonder Is Closer to My Heart/09 Light Up Gold II/10 [unknown1]/11 Master of My Craft/12 Borrowed Time

Sunbathing Animal

01 Bodies/02 Black and White/03 Dear Ramona/04 What Color Is Blood/05 Vienna II/06 Always Back in Town/07 She's Rollin'/08 Sunbathing Animal/09 Up All Night/10 Instant Disassembly/11 Ducking & Dodging/12 Raw Milk/13 Into the Garden/14 Black and White (7-Inch Version)

Content Nausea (as Parkay Quarts)

01 Every Day It Starts/02 Content Nausea/03 Urban Ease/04 Slide Machine/05 Kevlar Walls/06 Pretty Machines/07 Psycho Structures/08 The Map/09 These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/10 Insufferable/11 No Concept/12 Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth

Palisades, Brooklyn 2/9/15 (from

01 You've Got Me Wonderin' Now/02 Bodies Made Of/03 Black and White/04 Instant Disassembly/05 Always Back In Town/06 Ducking and Dodging/07 [unknown1]/08 [banter1]/09 Everyday It Starts/10 Master of My Craft/11 Borrowed Time/12 Careers In Combat/13 Dear Ramona/14 [banter2]/15 What Color Is Blood/16 No Ideas/17 Pretty Machines/18 Psycho Structures/19 Content Nausea/20 Light Up Gold II/21 Sunbathing Animal

Live At Third Man Records

01 Duckin' & Dodgin'/02 Bodies/03 Black and White/04 Vienna II/05 Always Back In Town/06 Dear Ramona/07 Descend (The Way)/08 Instant Disassembly/09 Raw Milk/10 Into The Garden/11 SBA

Human Performance

01 Dust/02 Human Performance/03 Outside/04 I Was Just Here/05 Paraphrased/06 Captive Of The Sun/07 Steady On My Mind/08 One Man, No City/09 Berlin Got Blurry/10 Keep It Even/11 Two Dead Cops/12 Pathos Prairie/13 It's Gonna Happen/14 Already Dead


  1. This is good ! (never heard of 'em before)

  2. Fantástica banda!...gracias por el aporte.

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