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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A 'placemats supliment

A reader named Daniel Corsca submits another Replacements album, the expanded edition of "Don't Tell a Soul", the first album on which Slim Dunlap replaced Bob Stinson......certainly not their best moment, but it IS more 'mats......this extended version includes some demos and stuff, not to mention a bizarre cover of Slade's "Gudby t'Jane"....

DON'T TELL A SOUL-01 Talent Show/02 Back to Back/03 We'll Inherit the Earth/04 Achin to Be/05 They're Blind/06 Anywhere's Better Than Here/07 Asking Me Lies/08 I'll Be You/09 I Won't/10 Rock N Roll Ghost/11 Darlin One/12 Portland/13 Wake Up/14 Talent Show (demo)/15 We'll Inherit the Earth (mix 1)/16 Date to Church (with Tom Waits)/17 We Know the Night (Outtake)/18 Gudbuy t'Jane (outtake)

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