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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Talking Heads Part 7

Somehow my chronology got fucked up here, thanks to ANOTHER PERSON WHO LIVES IN MY HOUSEHOLD AND WAS FUCKING WITH MY DISCS......anyway, shouldn't matter, I still have a stack full of primo Heads boots for you lovers of one of the greatest of all bands!

Let's return to 1979, BigScott's senior year in high school and the Heads were HUGE! No specific date but we  have a (rather short, I wonder if they opened for someone) set from Sydney Australia (in-the-loop joke: YAAAAAAAY says this HUGE fan of "Lost", TV's greatest show ever.....they shoulda worked this set into the show along with the "house" rock bands, Geronimo Jones and Oil Change)

Anyway, good breezy set, first three albums all get hit upon, "Psycho Killer" and "Take Me To the River" get pretty raved up at the end.

Staying in 1979 we will move to the LA Stardust Ballroom.....9/29.....this set  is fleshed out a bit more, they open with a fab "Artists Only", meld into a LOT of "Fear of Music" material, my fave "Love Goes to a Building On Fire", and the final four "Found a Job", "Psycho Killer", "Life During Wartime" and "take Me To the River" are exceptional, wish I coulda been there! (NOTE: I have another disc with the same date and same set list, labeled Las Vegas....not sure which is the corrct venue for this show.)

So, I will wrap this up for today with a set from 1980, Rome Italy.....Me, I always like to hear a live "I Zimbra" and "Houses in Motion".....they're here and so are the other great tracks on "Remain in Light", (with a stunning encore of "The Great Curve" (unsure if that is Adrian Belew slamming that crazy psych guitar on this one, but it should be of it ain't!)

Got a few more for part 8, we'll see if anything else pops up after that.....there are only a handful of bands that I really LOVE......Nirvana, Roxy Music, Sleater Kinney (coming up yet today!), The Clash, Talking Heads, Los Natas........a few more.....I get carried away with them but they were all great and influential in my life, so I'd likely post a tape of them sneezing......what I'm saying is that anyone who has any T Heads stuff I haven't touched on, time to bring that shit OUT!

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 1979-01 Whiny Announcer/02 The Book I Read/03 Paper/04 Mind/05 Found a Job/06 Memories Can't Wait/07 Psycho Killer/08 Take Me To The River

STARDUST BALLROOM LA 9/29/79-01 Intro/02 Artists Only/03 Stay Hungry/04 Cities/05
paper/06 Mind/07 Heaven/08 Electric Guitar/09 Air/10 New Feeling/11 Love Goes to a Building On Fire/12 Found a Job/13 psycho Killer/14 Life During Wartime/15 Take Me To the River

ROME 1980-01 Psycho Killer/02 Stay Hungry/03 Cities/04 I Zimbra/05 Drugs/06 Take Me To The River/07 Crosseyed and Painless/08 Life During Wartime/09 Houses In Motion/10 Born Under Punches/11 The Great Curve


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