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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Brian's R*dioh*ad Contribution

(Scott)-again, I try not to mention this band by name, we've had quite a spate of their (unofficial)
stuff of late without any problems.....I just get nervous about certain bands that think so highly of themselves and these folks certainly fall into that category. Brian has some interesting thoughts on the band, can't say I agree with a lot of them, but we have here some stuff that I believe to be quite rare (I've not seen it before), and as I always say about this band, if you want these you may wish to hurry......thanks to Brian for this one! Hope all is well Brother!

During my "off weeks" last month, I was noticing the deluge of R•diohead rarities and live shows being put up. I have two things to add that I don't think were in the pile. But first, my brief opinion....

My intense love for the group goes all the way back to high school in '93. Yet, I've never gotten my head around anything kid-A or after. Any of it. Understand, I've bought every album since, hoping to find a kernel that would rekindle my faith. Nope. I don't care how "transcendent" their concerts now are, I still feel abandoned. If I want Autechre or Aphex Twin sounds, I'll fucking listen to them, OK?

They were THE group for me in the 90's. They were Nirvana without the smug self hatred, they were classic U2 without the pomposity, and they rendered the entire Britpop "argument" null and void just by their mere existence. And I still regard OKComputer as probably the best 90's album, or at least the most rich. But once they left the guitars behind, they lost me.

What I've got to offer is two things from this prime early period. The Golden Unplugged Album is a bootleg consisting of different acoustic performances from their first few years. Most of the first album is represented, along with a lot from Bends. Some of this stuff may have been in last month's pile, but I like this configuration.

This next one is the jewel. I actually had it up briefly last year. Live At Tramp's was recorded in 1995, but was unreleased until 2013, when it was put out on CD by Magazine (who???). That CD now runs for $100 or more. It's criminal that it sat in a vault for so long, but it's even worse that it instantly became rare!

The band was at the height of their guitar-driven power back then. JustLISTEN to the squall Greenwood summons during "Anyone Can Play Guitar"! Or how at one point Thom says "This one's personal. Sort of..." before the band tears into "Black Star", with Thom capping it off with "You're very kind, thanks." After almost two decades of obtuseness, electronic blips, and clinical-level detachment, I miss this band!

These are essential, trust me. For theBONUS, I'm gonna stump for an old comedy link. Patton Oswalt, two of his funniest albums. Download 'em.





  2. Scott/Brian
    Many thanks - great share, especially the Tramps concert. Cheers SteveO