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Thursday, June 16, 2016


(Scott)-Now here's one I am REALLY looking forward to hearing (on tonight's "work I Pod rotation"..... Jon S has never steered me wrong, and the description of this band makes them sound as though they are right in my wheelhouse...... we'll see, but a band influenced by Sleater Kinney, Patti Smith, and Sonic Youth is going to be BAD???? I kinda doubt that. REALLY looking forward to listening to these tonight!

If you admire/appreciate Sleater-Kinney, you should give a listen to Mourn. Other influences are Sonic Youth and Patti Smith, at least to my ears. The band is made up of three girls (two are sisters) and a guy drummer, and they are still teenagers, I think. The new one (Ha, Ha, He.) just came out recently and the first one about a year ago. One of my favorite "newer" bands.


01 Your Brain Is Made of Candy/02 Dark Issues/03 Philliphius/04 Misery Factory/05 Otitis/06 You Don't Know Me/07 Marshall/08 Squirrel/09 Jack/10 Silver Gold/11 Boys Are Cunts (Bonus Track)

Ha, Ha, He.

01 Flee/02 Evil Dead/03 Brother Brother/04 Howard/05 The Unexpected/06 Storyteller/07 Gertrudis, Get Through This!/08 President Bullshit/09 I Am a Chicken/10 Second Sage/11 Irrational Friend/12 Fry Me

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