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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Barry & the Remains

I've posted this album (the lone effort by Barry & the Remains, noted for "Don't Look Back", one of the "Nuggets" singles of them all), but had no idea it existed in this expanded edition with TEN bonus tracks.......don't know how much you know about them other than maybe "Don't Look Back", they opened for the Beatles at one point and apparently were an absolute legendary act in Boston, if you read about their live shows, it sounds like the stuff of be totally honest, this album doesn't really reveal a whole lot of that, other than "Don't Look Back", however, it isn't "bad" and certainly this amount of bonus material makes it worth our while.

01 Heart/02 Lonely Weekend/03 Don't Look Back/04 Why Do I Cry/05 Diddy Wah Diddy/06 You Got a Hard Time Coming/07 Once Before/08 Thank You/09 Time of Day/10 Say You're Sorry/11 Mercy Mercy/12 I Can't Get Away From You/13 But I Ain't Got You/14 Me Right Now/15 My Babe/16 I'm Talkin Bout You/17 Ain't That Her (outtake)/18 Baby I Believe In You (Outtake)/19 When I Want to Know (outtake)/20 All Good Things (outtake)



  2. Hi Scott - try to get hold of an album called 'A Session With The Remains'. It's recorded live in the studio. From memory (it's a while since I read the sleevenotes) it was an audition for a record company and they just turned up first thing in the morning having not slept since previous night's gig, set up their gear and played their set. Once you hear that you'll understand why they were so great.

  3. hey jack bond, you're a tease. good thing I'm a self-loathing masochist else I'd wonder why didn't just send him a copy? then he would know (and hopefully so would we all know) how great they were.