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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finally at last..... Boogie On Reggae Woman Part 2

Cliff, a longtime Grow Bored contributor, writes:  "In the mists of time I sent our main man Scott a reggae post featuring female reggae artists. Ill health intervened, but I have finally got round to sending a follow up to it."
"Reggae has always been a male stronghold, but when you dig out some of the female artistes you will soon see that they had much to offer as well. Rita Marley and Judy Mowatt were two-thirds of Bob Marley’s backing singers I-Threes. Although they will probably always be better known for this; they were however fine artists in their own right and had already had long established careers before joining Marley.  For me, the Judy Mowatt album is the stronger of the two. Her sweet, rich, alto sings the praises of Rastafarianism, spouting positive vibes and female-empowering themes."
Rita Marley - Harambé (1982)
1. There Will Always Be Music/ 2. My Kind Of War/ 3. Harambe/ 4. King Street/ 5. Love Iyah/ 6. Retribution/ 7. One Draw/ 8. Fussing And Fighting/ 9. Who Is Your Neighbour/ 10. Who Can Be Against Us

Judy Mowatt - Mr. Dee-J (1981)

1. Mr Dee Jay/ 2. Glad Song/ 3. I Am Not Mechanical/ 4. Big Woman/ 5. Trade Wings/ 6. On Your Mark/ 7. Think/ 8. Get Happy/ 9. Only a Woman/ 10. King of Kings

"Phillis Dillon was a rocksteady singer with soul and pop mixed in to form the complete package. She recorded for Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle label in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. Her One Life to Live is a fine album, although the covers of the Beatles’ "Something" and The Carpenters’ "Close To You" do nothing for me; they seem a bit out of place and come across as just filler tracks. The cover of Stephen Stills’ "Love The One You’re With" is much better. Although the album sounds a bit dated today (it was released over 40 years ago), it is still worth a listen as Dillon’s voice is worth hearing."

Phyllis Dillon - One Life to Live (1972)

1. One Life To Live, One Love To Give/ 2. Love The One You're With/ 3. Long Time No Nice Time/ 4. Something/ 5. I Can't Forget About You Baby/ 6. Picture On The Wall/ 7. Woman Of The Ghetto/ 8. Close To You/ 9. Eddie Oh Baby/ 10. We Belong Together/ 11. The Love That A Woman Should Give To A Man/ 12. You Are Like Heaven To Me

"Sister Carol was one of the dancehall era's few successful female DJs. Leaning heavily on socially conscious material, Sister Carol delivered uplifting and cautionary messages drawn from her Rastafarian principles, while always urging respect for women. She was more of a singjay than a full-time toaster, capable of melodic vocals as well as solid rhyme."

Sister Carol - Jah Disciple (1989)

1. Ram The Party/ 2. A No Me Name Peggy/ 3. Jah Disciple/ 4. Potential/ 5. Get It Straight Africans/ 6. Lost In A Space/ 8. Intelligence/ 9. A No Me Mommy & Daddy/ 10. Wicked Collie/ 11. Remember When

In case you missed it, here is Part 1 of Cliff's "Boogie On Reggae Woman":


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  3. I love cliff he is a great friend like the rest of you

  4. Hell ya!!!!! Dig Cliff's reggae posts.

  5. I listen to a lot of reggae and dub, and these are albums I've never heard. Thanks, Cliff!

  6. I listen to a lot of reggae and dub, and these are albums I've never heard. Thanks, Cliff!