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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nona Hendryx

Been looking around for this one for a while, of course John N had a link to it.....a very underappreciated rock/soul effort from big-voiced Nona Hendryx, late of LaBelle....this album was a critical favorite in 1977 but sank like a stone as no one could figure out how to market it......but it's a good one and still stands up well today. Hard to find, if you're interested.

NONA HENDRYX-01 Winning/02 Everybody Wants To Be Somebody/03 Tax Exile/04 Tout de Suite Mam'selle/05 Take a Chance/06 Problem/07 Once Again/08 Too late to Run/09 Will You be There/10 Leaving Here Today



  2. Hey do you have anything by smog?

  3. I had this Nona Hendryx album on vinyl, and the follow-up album with the single "Keep It Confidential." They're both amazing records, and her version of "Winning" is aeons ahead of Santana's.