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Saturday, June 4, 2016

What did I tell ya? The X completer!

(Scott)-I told you someone, happened to be the legend that is Jon S, would step forward with the X albums
that I either don't have or can't now, you have got it ALL! X was one of the greatest, so enjoy, and if they are new to you, Junior, look at what you missed! (Also, see very cool epub (I've read it before) of "Under the Big Black Sun", which is quite a good look at the entire scene).

John Doe and Tom DeSavia - Under the Big Black Sun - A Personal History of L.A. Punk (epub)

Under The Big Black Sun

01 The Hungry Wolf/ 02 Motel Room In My Bed/ 03 Riding With Mary/ 04 Come Back To Me/ 05 Under The Big Black Sun/ 06 Because I Do/ 07 Blue Spark/ 08 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ 09 Real Child Of Hell/ 10 How I (Learned My Lesson)/ 11 The Have Nots/ 12 Riding With Mary (Single Version)/ 13 X Rewrites El Paso (Rehearsal) - Because I Do (TV Mix - Instrumental)/ 14 Universal Corner (live)/ 15 Breathless (Single Mix)/ 16 How I (Learned My Lesson) (live)

More Fun In The New World

01 The New World/02 We're Having Much More Fun/03 True Love/04 Poor Girl/05 Make the Music Go Bang/ 06 Breathless/ 07 I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts/ 08 Devil Doll/ 09 Painting the Town Blue/ 10 Hot House/ 11 Drunk in My Past/ 12 I See Red/ 13 True Love Pt. #2/ 14 Poor Girl (Demo Remix)/ 15 True Love Pt. #2 (Demo Remix)/ 16 Devil Doll (Demo Remix)/ 17 I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (Demo Remix)

Ain't Love Grand

01 Burning house of love/ 02 Love shack/ 03 My soul cries your name/ 04 My goodness/ 05 Around my heart/ 06 What's wrong with me/ 07 Watch the sun go down/ 08 I'll stand up for you/ 09 Little honey/ 10 Supercharged/ 11 Wild thing/ 12 I will dare/ 13 My goodness/ 4 All or nothing

Live In Los Angeles

01 Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not/ 02 In This House That I Call Home/ 03 We're Desperate/ 04 Beyond & Back/ 05 White Girl/ 06 The Unheard Music/ 07 Los Angeles/ 08 True Love/ 09 I'm Coming Over/ 10 Blue Spark/ 11 The New World/ 12 Nausea/ 13 Johnny Hit And Run Paulene/ 14 Motel Room In My Bed/ 15 It's Who You Know/ 16 Because I Do/ 17 Devil Doll/ 18 The Hungry Wolf/ 19 Year 1/ 20 The World's A Mess, It's In My Kiss/ 21 Soul Kitchen/ 22 How I (Learned My Lesson)


  1. No downloads this time, as I'd finally found what I needed/wanted last year, but kudos to you for giving these guys some attention. Turns out it was devilishly hard to find anything by these guys readily accessible!

  2. Thanks again and again, realized I did not have the Under the Big Black Sun record anymore. The wife bought me the book(with the same moniker) for my birthday, enjoyed the read thoroughly,Jack Grisham from T.S.O.L.'s chapter was very entertaining!

  3. sweet

    nazz nomad