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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pacific Drift

(scott) another submission from link-fuhrer John N, this one I do recall hearing a while back, and it's prety cool, also hard to run down. From 1970, "Feelin' Free" from Pacific Drift, a long-forgotten, but completely enjoyable piece of West Coast psych/prog.......really do recommend this one for ya!

from the CHERRY RED UK Records website:  Although 'Feelin' Free' was released to widespread indifference back in January 1970, the sole album by Manchester band Pacific Drift remains a sparkling, West Coast-influenced amalgam of post-psychedelic pop and early progressive rock, skillfully weaving wistful laments and riff-laden rockers into a fully cohesive whole. This first-ever authorised reissue of what is now a highly sought-after LP adds three tracks that appeared on the variant US release of the album as well as the band s version of the Spirit track Water Woman , only released at the time as a UK single. With some superb previously unpublished photos, new band quotes and master-tape sound quality, this long-overdue release is the first to assemble all known Pacific Drift recordings under one roof, and is unquestionably the definitive anthology of an unfairly neglected band.

FEELIN FREE-01 Plaster Caster's USA/02 Tomorrow Morning Brings/03 Feelin Free/04 Just Another Girl/05 Garden of Love/06 Norman/07 Grain of Sand/08 Greta the Legend/09 Going Slow/10 God has Given Me/11 Happy Days



  2. ooh, i like hidden surprises, too, including Spirit covers

  3. Now that I'm listening to this, is it possible that KISS stole huge parts of Plaster Caster from these guys! It's very similar but they have it by 3-4 years.