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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sad Songs from Jon S

(Scott).....I started all this, I guess, as my personal life is something of a disaster right now, BUT, everyone has been down at one time or another..... I've lately posted Nick Drake and (not complete yet) Elliott Smith, just seemed at the time that those two guys would understand the shit I'm currently going through.

Anyway, Jon S chimes in with his own collection of "Sad songs", from Julien Baker, of whom I have never heard until this minute..... But, right now, the more sad, mopey, depressing stuff I can hear, the better, I guess, so I can force myself to realize that I'm not the ONLY one on our planet who feels the  way I do......So, after I write this, I'm logging off, going to lay down, and listen to some Julien Baker....hell, why not.......It's not like I have something better to do......Hope you have enjoyed tonight's posts, and we'll get  a few up for ya tomorrow too.......nut right now, thanks (as always) to Jon S for another submission, I hope it's as amazing as the previous ones have been!


Considering the Elliott Smith post from earlier, I thought I'd contribute something a little different to the sad bastard playlist -

Julien Baker is young and looks even younger but she also writes and performs incredibly sad and beautiful songs, with sparse guitar accompaniment and soaring vocals. Adding a live in studio video performance of one of her songs: please watch this, everyone; its amazing and affecting, and you really have to see it.

Julien Baker - Go Home - Audiotree Live

Sprained Ankle

01 Blacktop/02 Sprained Ankle/03 Brittle Boned/04 Everybody Does/05 Good News/06 Something/07 Rejoice/08 Vessels/09 Go Home

Mannheim, Germany 6/5/16

01 (Intro)/02 Sprained Ankle/03 Blacktop/04 Everybody Does/05 Vessels/06 Rejoice/07 Break My Heart/08 Funeral Pyre/09 Good News.mp3/10 Something

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