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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Switchblade Jesus

Don't want to stray TOO far away from some bone-crushing stoner metal, as far as I know this is the only release from Corpus Christi Texans, Switchblade Jesus. Skull-bashing riffs, fuzzed-up amplifier frying stoner jams, might put one in mind of Orange Goblin/Fu Manchu stoner greatness, or even a bit skuzzier stuff like Viking Skull. Honestly, if you like this kind of thing, every track gets it done, but the best is the closer, "Oblivion" which is nearly seven minutes in length and builds to a positively ear-splitting climax. Good album for fans of stoner/metal, and if you AREN'T one, well......

SWITCHBLADE JESUS-01 Into Nothing/ 02 Bastard Son/ 03 The Wolves/ 04 Sick Mouth/ 05 Equinox/ 06 Renegade Riders/ 07 Copperhead/ 08 Oblivion



  2. I don't know if I will like this or not but it seemed like a good enough time to say thanks for all the music

    1. Hell, thank YOU for all the great years with the Phillies (I'm certain you've NEVER heard that before)

    2. I have a buddy with the same name. I've messed with him a bit too much with it but he's always been good with handling it. He's not at all into sports. So, sometimes he's just confused. He's moving to Colorado soon though.