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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Anyone for Crow Redux? Thank John N for it!

Remember my Crow post from last month (1969's "Crow Music", which is a damn fine album, check it here lazy ass: ....anyway, THAT album is rare enough, the two followups I've never seen/heard, until the LinkLord  John N dropped them in my mailbox..... again, this is another case of "haven't heard em yet", likely tonight as I'm working a boring-ass night shift, but here are their two follow up efforts, if they are anywhere near the quality of the debut, I'm stoked.

In 1970, they released "Crow By Crow", and the following year they gave us their final release (I think) "Mosaic"....I'll withhold comment until I hear them, but as always I try to bring you a variety of stuff.

"Crow Music" was fairly popular, I'm interested in what the follow-ups garner.

CROW BY CROW-01 I Stand To Blame/02 Colors/03 Smokey Joe/04 Medley (Death Down To Your Soul-Get Yourself a Number-Annie Fannie-The Last Prayer)/05 Slow Down/06 Heading North/07 Cottage Cheese/08 Gone Gone Gone

MOSAIC-01 (Don't Try to Lay No Boogie Woogie On) The King of Rock N Roll/02 Easy Street/03 Yellow Dawg/04 The Sky Is Crying/05 I Need Love/06 It Keeps Me Running/07 Watching Can Waste Up the Time/08 Satisfied/09 Watch That Cat/10 Let's Not Say Goodbye

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