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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Death Valley Girls

(Scott) certainly I love my guest contributors, where would I be without them?.....John N, link-dictator -of-this-part-of-the-universe, sends this one........listened and it's a good's also a 2016 release, so, you know that can go two ways......some bans LOVE the exposures, and of course, some want FEWER listeners to their stuff, not more....I'm happy to oblige either, if this band wishes removal, simply ask.

Anyway, a fine effort......"Glow In the Dark" is a fine album that wears it's influences quite proudly, (punk, glam, psych, disco).......I like this one a good bit, end of year lists? we'll see, but for now, this is a good might want to hurry, cause, you know........

GLOW IN THE DARK-01 Glow In the Dark/02 Disco/03 Death Valley Boogie/04 Seis Seis Seis/05 Pink Radiation/06 Im a Man Too/07 Love Spell/08 Horror Movie/09 Summertime/10 Wait For You

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