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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mushroom River Band

The two LP's released by the Mushroom River Band during their period of activity, 1996-2004... they were a good stoner/metal band. Vocalist Spice of The Spiritual Beggars did time in both units, explaining the somewhat similar sound of these two Swedish bands.

"Music For the World Beyond" was released in 2000, as I said before, something not unlike Spiritual Beggars (no insult there, they were great).... a solid effort with tracks like "Mud-Crusher", "More Beer", and "Addicted"......

Two years later they released a similar album, perhaps a bit less spacey and more metallic, "Simsalabim". "My Vote is Blank", and "Proud of Being Cool" are standouts.... after this I guess they called it a day, although there are a couple of EP's out there that I've heard of but don't have... Studkid?

MUSIC FOR THE WORLD BEYOND-01 To the World Beyond/02 Mud-Crusher/03 Racing/04 Way to Go/05 29' 2 1/2"/06 The Mushroom River/07 More Beer/08 Addicted/09 Sir B's Tune/10 A Sad Story/11 Nurse/12 Free

SIMSALABIM-01 Simisalabim/02 Bugs/03 Make It Happen/04 Change It/05 My Vote Is Blank/06 Tree of No Hope/07 Proud of Being Cool/08 Time-Laps/09 The Big Sick Machine/10 Run Run Run

Well, there are the first pair for today, gotta lot of spare time this evening as usual, lets see what else myself and the the world's greatest submission team can come up with for the rest of your Saturday.

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