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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jon S with a brief couple of thoughts on Elliott Smith

(Scott)-We've had so much emphasis on sad music of late, that a link (see below) for over 100 Elliott
Smith shows should me "heaven" (or hell, dependent upon one's point of view) to we manic depressives......anyway, I already have a couple of them, I'll see about getting a couple more and posting when I complete the Elliott Smith multi-part post. And, wow, if I could list thing I would thought I would NEVER see, high on the list would be a video of Elliott Smith performing in a Devo tribute........

There's not a lot I have to add to the Elliott Smith conversation but there are over 100 shows available for listening andDOWNLOAD at for those interested. Also, here is the greatest thing Elliott Smith ever did - appear as part of a Devo tribute band (end sarcasm).

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