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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pebbles from the Spanish Garage Rock Era!

(Jonder here, helping out Big Scott by posting some of the excellent guest contributions that have been submitted recently.  Keep 'em coming and we will post 'em!  As Scott wrote a few days ago, your support of the blog means a lot to him.)

All the way from Spain, here's Jose K!  Jose says that he wants to "contribute to the greatness of this blog, in these difficult times" (according to Google Translate).  Today he is sharing what he calls the Spanish equivalent of the "Pebbles" series.

The series covers the years 1964 through 1973, and each of the five volumes is dedicated to a particular style.  It's a carefully curated bootleg selection of rare vinyl records made in Spain during those years, that are sought out by collectors.  Google translates "cosecha" as "harvest".

The titles of the volumes aren't easy to translate, but Wikipedia says that yé-yé music (yeah yeah) was a Beatles-influenced movement popular in France, Spain and Italy, with rock songs sung in the native languages of those countries.  The style gradually lost popularity as the blues revival and psychedelic rock captured listeners' attention, just as it did in Britain and the States.  Volume 3 features "rough" yé-yé songs, and Volumes 4 and 5 focus on the later years of the original Spanish garage rock era.

Jose recommends all of the tracks, and this certainly sounds like something cool and unique that you won't find easily on other music blogs!    You can find the tracklist here (and see cuánto dinero these vinyl comps are selling for these days!):ñedos

Jose, hicimos todo lo posible para traducir fielmente sus palabras a través de la magia de internet!  Muchas gracias por su contribución rara y única a Growing Bored!


  1. Vol. 1: "16 TEMAS DE GARAJE YE-YE COSECHA 65 -67"

    Vol. 2: "TINTOS DE R&B. COSECHA 64-66"

    Vol. 3: "EL RUGIDO YE-YE"

    Vol. 4: "BEBO VISIONES"

    Vol. 5: "KALEIDOSCOPE COSECHA 67-71"

    Vol. 6: "VENDIMA SALVAJE - COSECHA 70-73"

  2. Coincidentally, a collection by a French singer from the yé-yé era was just posted at the Twilight Zone blog:

  3. Are there artist names/track titles for the first volume?

  4. NEVER MIND I found it. I forgot to just look at Discogs, like I would usually do!

    A1 –Los Salvajes / Es La Edad
    A2 –The Four Winds & Dito / No Me Dejas Vivir En Paz
    A3 –Los Cheyenes / Bla Bla Bla (Me Cansas)
    A4 –Los Flecos / No Se Lo Digas
    A5 –Alex Y Los Finders / Yo Lloro
    A6 –Los Gatos Negros / Te Recuerdo
    A7 –Los Huracanes / Aun
    A8 –Phantasma I / 103 Meglio Di Te
    B1 –Los Huracanes / For Your Love
    B2 –Los Polares / La Droga
    B3 –Micky Y Los Tonys / Up And Down
    B4 –Los Shakers (2) / Me Reire
    B5 –Los No / La Llave
    B6 –Los Nivram / Sombras
    B7 –Los Salvajes / Las Ovejitas
    B8 –Phantasma II / A Dues Nenes

  5. Yep, the tracklists for the series are here:ñedos