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Saturday, June 18, 2016

From Studboy: Elephant Tree

(Scott)-Thanks, Studboy, for this band with which I am not familiar..... I read up a bit, sounds pretty
good, these are a pair of albums from Elephant Tree, 2014's "Theia" and the self titled 2016 effort..... I'll let everyone know what I think, please the rest of ya do the same!

Hearing this on repeat:
Elephant Tree; English doom stoner with notes of blues and prog.

Elephant Tree - Theia (2014)

1The Call  0:18
2Attack Of The Altaica 8:09
3In Suffering 5:11
4The Answer 0:41
5Vlaakith 6:22
6Lament 2:11
7The Sead 5.12

Elephant Tree - Elephant Tree (2016)

1 Spore0:52
2 Wither5:33
3 Dawn4:12
4 Circles3:10
5 Aphotic Blues5:56
6 Echoes6:08
7 Fracture5:11
8 Surma7:20

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