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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Eyeliners

Wish I had more, but only have a pair of albums from this New Mexico pop-punk girl trio, you know what a sucker I am for THAT kind of stuff.... anyone help with their other albums? If not, these two are pretty damn good listens.

Something like a cross between a not-as-serious Sleater Kinney and the aching little-girl vocals of Nikki Corvette or the Junior Varsity, The Eyeliners were sisters Lisa Baca (bass, vocals), Laura Baca (drums, Vocals), and Gel Baca (guitar, vocals)....they got it going in about 1997 or so, releasing four albums on the "Sympathy For the Record Industry" label..... pretty hard stuff to find, perhaps one of my team has copies of these, in around 2000, they switched over to Lookout/Panic Button Records, and released these two gems that I have here:

"Here Comes Trouble" was released in 2000, and is filled with those awesome chick/pop/punk blasts that give me such shivers, the title track, "Rock N Roll baby", "Punk Rock Planet"....a bunch more. I recommend this one.

A year or so later they came up with a somewhat similar album, "Sealed With a Kiss", which is also a pretty good one for your listening pleasure, if you liked "Trouble" I predict you'll like this one as well.......

They've also released an album since "Sealed", don't have it and haven't heard it, I'm up for it, should anyone have it, but for now, I think these two albums are sufficient to give you a pretty good look at a somewhat unknown/ overlooked band.

HERE COMES TROUBLE- 01 Here Comes Trouble/ 02 Party til the Break of Dawn/ 03 Johnny Lockhart/ 04 See You Tonight/ 05 So What/ 06 Stuck On You/ 07 That's the Way It Goes/ 08 Rock & Roll Baby/ 09 Don't Go/ 10 I Don't Like You/ 11 Punk Rock Planet/ 12 Do the Zombie/ 13 If I Were You/ 14 Nothing Left To Say

SEALED WITH A KISS- 01 Sealed With a Kiss/ 02 Play It Again/ 03 It Could Have Been You/ 04 Too Good To Be True/ 05 I Could Never Hate You/ 06 Bad Luck Charm/ 07 Something To Say/ 08 When Will I See You Again?/ 09 Wishing On a Star/ 10 I'd Do It All Over Again/ 11 Everything's Alright/ 12 Finished With You