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Thursday, February 9, 2017

An EP from The Sound

Fabio sends another selection from The Sound, don't know much about this one, Fabio says it contains the anthem "Winter", with some demos, etc......I'll see if I can scrape a tracklist together tomorrow!!eEBWQKRL!2_BRCNYW8hXeWIyDSXnAYQ

1 comment:

  1. The Sound - Shock of Daylight + Demos etc.

    01-Golden Soldiers
    02-Longest Days
    03-Counting The Days
    05-New Way Of Life
    06-Dream Then Plans
    07-Golden Soldiers (Demo)
    08-A New Way Of Life (Demo)
    09-Counting The Days (Demo)
    10-Mining For Heart (Demo)
    11-Oiled (Demo)
    12-Steel Your Air (Demo)
    13-Fall Of Europe (Demo)
    14-Love Is Not A Ghost (Demo)
    15-Blood And Poison (Demo)
    16-Whirlpool (Demo)